The Best Travel Photos I’ve Taken

I’ve decided to put together this quick post featuring a sample of my favourite travel photos that I’ve taken. Keep in mind that I’m nowhere near a pro photographer, I’ve never used an SLR or digital SLR.

All these Photos were taken using the basic ‘point and shoot’ cameras that I’ve gone through over the years.

Rome Flyover

A Flyover in Rome
I took this photo on a whim in Rome, Italy. I saw the planes coming, whipped my camera out of it’s case and snapped away praying I’d get a good shot.

Floating Village

A Floating Village in Kratie, Cambodia
I took this video of a floating village off the side of a small island in the middle of the Mekong River in Cambodia. I like the way the colour of the sky goes on the water.

The Man in Yellow

A Man Walking in Saigon
I took this photo of the crazy traffic in Saigon. When looking at the photo afterwards, I saw the man in yellow walking down the middle of all the chaos in focus.

Classic Thailand

A Longboat in Thailand
If you’ve seen a website or guidebook about Thailand, the chances are you’ve seen a Thai longboat. I took this picture trying to copy those pictures in the books and it came out alright.


Looking down a Ski Jump
I’m not into heights and this one makes me dizzy. I took this looking down the Ski Jump at Holmenkollen near Oslo, Norway.

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3 Comments on “The Best Travel Photos I’ve Taken

  1. The picture of the traffic in Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) is pretty awesome, dude. I found the traffic in Vietnam to be a bit hectic, but after a few weeks in the country, I learned how to cross that mayhem like a boss.

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