The Most Amazing Sunrise in the World

I honestly think I might be the one person that has witnessed the best sunrise that has ever happened in the world, ever. Just look at the video:

On my travels in the Philippines I found myself in El Nido, which is essentially a collection of paradise Islands that is part of the Palawan area. I was staying at El Nido Miniloc Island Resort which had Kayaks for guests to use, when a guide who worked for El Nido Resorts suggested getting up at 5AM to paddle out and watch the sunrise, so I did.

This beautiful display of nature only lasted a few minutes, it was such a privelage this ever-changing feast for the eyes. I was taking photos with my GoPro from the Kayak and thought ‘nobody will believe me’ because they will say it is photoshopped, so I decided to take the clip you can see above.

What I like about the video more than the photos I took is the fact you can see the colours of the amazing sunrise dancing off the ripples in the sea. This is one of those moments in travel where I just thought to myself … ‘WOW’.

Eventually bright rays of yellow punched through the purple Palawan sky as you can see in the photo I took with my GoPro below.

The Beautiful Sunrise in the Philippines

I’d like to personally thank the Philippines for simply being an amazing place to visit, the staff at El Nido Resorts for helping me witness this incredible event, big thanks to GoPro for giving me the tool to capture it all and everyone who has watched the video and enjoyed it so far, the mighty Lonely Planet even shared the video with their Google+ followers:

Thanks to Lonely Planet for sharing my video

You can see the post by Lonely Planet on Google+ right here.

What an experience, only travel can give you moments like this.

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14 Comments on “The Most Amazing Sunrise in the World

  1. Wow!! This is amazing I have never seen anything like this before Slice – you are so lucky. Also a sunrise not a sunset – interesting.

  2. Simply amazing. Just stopped by to say hi! Love the blog and look forward to catching up and continuing to follow along!

    Safe travels and all the very best!

  3. It’s true El Nido boast the best of nature can offer. Not only sunrise you might as well see the setting sun. I knew coz I have experienced it myself in August 2012. Two female Israelis asked me last April in Camiguin “What’s the best place you’ve ever been to in the Philippines?” I and my partner quickly replied “El Nido!”

  4. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience of the very beautiful sunrise in Palawan. i dont have the means to go and see it myself so again – thank you.

  5. Thank you for visiting our country. El Nido, Palawan is really one of the most beautiful places here.

  6. Excellent Sunrise! thank you so much for discussing your amazing encounter of the very amazing sun rising in Palawan.

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