Unique Accommodation I’ve Stayed In

I’m going to flash back here to some of the more unique types of accommodation I’ve found myself sleeping in throughout my travels. I like new experiences and whatever you’re doing in the area of the world you’re in, it’s always a bonus if you can find somewhere cool to stay.

Lipe Beach Resort in Koh Lipe, Thailand

Lipe Beach Resort with Open Top Bathroom

Lipe Beach Resort with Open Top Bathroom

I made a full post about my stay in Lipe Beach Resort, I’ve stayed in beach huts before, and this could have been the most basic one. What struck me about this was the open air bathroom out of the back of the hut, the walls were high enough to be private, but with no roof it made for a good experience to have a shower and go to the toilet in the Thailand sunshine!

Sleeper Buses in Vietnam

Those on the backpacker circuit around Southeast Asia may have encountered these sleeper buses in Vietnam. I went on a few of these going from south to north Vietnam and took on into Laos across the border. The level of comfort is hit-and-miss, some have toilets on-board, some don’t, some are crammed full of people and some you can sprawl out and get comfortable.

Trains in Thailand and Malaysia

On a Sleeper Train in Malaysia

On a Sleeper Train in Malaysia

I’ve spent a fair few nights on these sleeper trains in Thailand and Malaysia, and it’s a lot of fun, you tend to get more space than on the sleeper buses and you can get a decent sleep. I once made it a mission to take public transport only from the Cambodia/Thailand border at Poipet all the way down to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, even the small buses to get to the train stations, I succeeded and it was a great experience, check out The Man in Seat Sixty-One for a lot of public transport tips.

In doing that trip from Cambodia to Kuala Lumpur, I also found out the real price of transport, a Tuk Tuk driver from Bangkok train station will try to charge you 100-200 THB for the trip to the Khaosan area, the bus service for the same route cost me 8 THB.

The Deck of a Boat in Flores, Indonesia

During our trip to Komodo Island, we had to spend the night slept out on the deck of a wooden boat, this was a lot of fun, except for a few companions in the form of cockroaches, the experience was just brilliant.

The whole boat trip around Komodo was one of my favourite adventures, the boat even broke in a remote area, with nothing but small desolate islands in view, we had to jump off the boat in our snorkeling gear and help the captain repair the boat underwater. I think sometime in the near future I’ll make a full post about this adventure.

Where I’d Like to Stay

There’s loads of unique accommodation that I’d like to stay in, and a lot of it is in Europe. The ‘Das Park Hotel’ in Austria and Germany is a series of big concrete tubes that have been turned into accommodation, I’d love to stay there.

I’d like to stay in a tree-house hotel somewhere, an ice hotel would be worth checking out too. Scattered all over Europe there’s fun places to stay, there’s classy apartments in Rome, unique backpacker accommodation all over southern Europe, cool flats in Prague, awesome camping experiences and more.

I think it’s fair to say that there’s hundreds of places I want to stay in the world!

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